Vinga congratulates Advanced Soltech on SEK 820 million refinancing sale and leaseback agreement

Jun 16, 2023

Since 2019, the Vinga team has structured and raised over SEK 800 million of green bond and equity financing for Advanced Soltech Sweden AB (“ASAB”), contributing to the company’s rapid expansion within rooftop solar installations on the Chinese market.

As a partner to the Climate Bonds Initiative since 2018, Vinga has been at the forefront in making sustainable debt financing available to issuers in the Nordic SME segment.

Advanced Soltech’s SOLT5 secured green bond was the first green bond issue structured by Vinga. In addition, the bond issue became the first bond listing on the Nasdaq First North Sustainable bond market.

Since the initial green bond issue, Vinga has provided numerous financings for ASAB, supporting the company’s growth journey. In addition to the SOLT5 bond, Vinga has raised over SEK 200 million in preference shares for ASAB in multiple tranches. The transactions have provided liquidity for the company to seize business opportunities and maintain a continuous aggressive growth strategy in a capital-intensive industry.

Transactions structured for Advanced Soltech have been received well by the market, generating significant interest from private and institutional investors throughout the Nordics and continental Europe.

The first step of the approx. SEK 820 million refinancing sale and leaseback agreement entails around SEK 670 million for the repayment of the SOLT5 bond.

For more information about the refinancing agreement, see the press release from Advanced Soltech.

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For further information, please contact:
Ola Nilsson
CEO – Vinga Corporate Finance